MADSATE is the abbreviation of Madura Satellite Tracking Enthusiasts. We are a group of people in Madura, Indonesia who love to learn and observe space and satellites. Our group members consist of radio amateur and non-radio amateur. We encourage youngsters such as students, scouts, college students to get knowledge and skill in space, satellites and amateur radio.

There are many activities conduct by MADSATE since the year 2020 such as satellite communications through satellite repeater,  weather satellite observation, decoding SSTV from the ISS, building satellite antennas, International Space Stations (ISS) introduction for kids and many other various activities.


Madura is the name of island located in eastern Java, Indonesia. Madura island area divided into 4 Kabupaten (regencies) as administratively subdivision of Jawa Timur Province. The regencies are Bangkalan, Sampang, Pamekasan, and Sumenep.



Indonesian archipelago or Nusantara consist of thousands of islands with many ethnics, culture and specialty foods among the islands. Madurese as one of the ethnics in Indonesia, also have its own culture and specialty foods. Sate (pronounced as sah tay) or satay become the most popular Madura specialty food. Even though satay is a generic dish of Southeast Asian, Madurese satay has unique taste.

The MADSATE acronym inspired by combination of the word Sate (satay) and Satellite.


The MADSATE logo depict few symbols of Madura and satellite tracking. It is not only consist of Pesak (men’s apparel) and Odheng (headband) as Madurese traditional costume, Suramadu bridge as the most popular landmark of Madura, but also depict of space, satellite and antenna for satellite communications.