ISS SSTV – Expedition 66 – ARISS Series 19 Lunar Exploration

Expedition 66 Crew Portrait

As one of the routine missions, The ARISS team will be supporting Slow Scan TV (SSTV) operations from the ISS. End of year 2021 mission: Expedition 66 – ARISS Series 19 will be running during the period of Dec 26-31. The broadcast will be related to lunar exploration. The SSTV images transmitted in PD120 mode through amateur radio frequency should be available worldwide on 145.800 MHz.

The mission schedule are currently listed as:

Start – Dec 26 about 18:25 UTC

Stop – Dec 31 about 16:15 UTC

Let’s join this joyful event by capturing the images transmitted from the ISS. Submit one your best images you get on this Expedition 66 – ARISS Series 19 Lunar Exploration event here. (The form has been closed)

The image quality must be at least 50%. The one with eligible SSTV image will be given a diploma by MADSATE. Give us several days to process the diploma which you can download it here.

If there any questions or concerns about the diploma, please do not hesitate to contact us.