ARISS SSTV – Expedition 67: MAI-75 April 2022

An Inter-MAI-75 SSTV event as part of ISS Expedition 67 conducted on April 7-8, 2002. Inter-MAI-75 series of images sent from the International Space Station (ISS). This event previously schedules at 08:00 until 15:30 UTC on April 7 and at 09:50 until 16:10 UTC on April 8. Somehow they had some issue during the first orbit and it was not heard any SSTV transmissions as reported by many stations, especially on YBland.

The SSTV images successfully transmitted on the last day of the schedule which conducted at 145.800 MHz and the mode was PD-120.

MADSATE issuing SSTV Diploma to anyone who successfully decode images transmitted from the International Space Station (ISS). The submitted image must have at least 50% of quality.

Submit one of your best decoded MAI-75 April 2022 SSTV image HERE.

Please give us maximum several days to process the diploma untill you can download it on the web.